How to Travel to Canada by Car

How to Travel to Canada by Car

US into Canada

Travelling to Canada from the US is becoming increasingly popular every year. No longer are people choosing to fly to the country since more can be taken in of its spectacular sights by travelling to Canada by car.

Crossing The Border

Crossing the border from the US into Canada is relatively simple. All passengers will need to be carrying up to date passports and correct driving identification. If children are travelling without their parents then a letter of consent must also be shown at border control.


Without this paper and authorisation the children may not be allowed in so please bear this in mind.


When travelling to Canada by car. auto-insurance must also be up to date. It is always a good idea to check wuth your insurance company that your vehicle is in fact covered once it has crossed into Canada. You may find that you will have to pay a small fee for an upgrade. Remember that if you are stopped in Canada by the traffic police you may be fined heavily if your auto-insurance isnt insured in Canada.


Incorrect insurance can also cost you heavily should you have an accident.

Servicing Your Vehicle Before Your Journey

How to travel to Canada by car without proper preparation of your vehicel? There is no way, of course. Servicing your vehicle before you set off is of utmost importance. If it is due a service then its probably a good idea to have it serviced slightly early before your trip. If a service isnt due then a basic service check at home will be sufficient.

Servicing Your Vehicle Before Your JourneyTo ensure the best performance from your car check your oil! Although most cars are now fitted with alarms that notify you if you are low its always best to check. Its relatively easy to change the filter as well as the oil or you can pop into local auto mechanic shops and have the change it for you.

Once you have checked your oil, then check all your wind shield wiper blades. Blades that are not working correctly can easily hinder visibility so replace and broken or cracked blades. Replacements can be purchased at any auto garage however be sure to check you have the right ones for your vehicle as they do vary!and have both your oil and oil filter changed for a small fee.

Headlights, brake lights, hazards and indicators should all be checked and working properly. Replace and bulbs or fuses where necessary and its probaly a good idea to buy extra and store them in your car just in case you need to replace one on your travels.

You may also want to inspect your brake pads for the most common bad brake symptoms.


Undoubtedely the most important to check if you’re planning to travel to Canada by car are your tires. Check for wear and tear and take to a local dealership if any need replacing. Tire pressure is also important as if your tires are off balance then they can wear down and in some cases you can experience a blow out.


Again your local garage will be able to check this for you if you do not have a pressure gauge at home. Refer to your owners manual for your vehicles correct tire pressure.

Travelling to Canada by car can be extremely enjoyable and as long as you have serviced your car correctly and are carrying the right documentation can be enjoyed without a hitch!

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